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A great way to get involved to help preserve HOLY ROLLER, is by subscribing to our email newsletter to stay up to date about all of our upcoming events and fundraising initiatives. We will share stories from veterans of WWII and keep you updated on the HOLY ROLLER Preservation Project.

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One of the best ways to show a veteran in your life that you care is to visit with them. HOLY ROLLER is no exception. As HOLY ROLLER is available 24x7 for any member of the public to visit, year-round we encourage you to stop by, tag a selfie, and tag #OurSurvivingVeteran on Instagram.


By showing that you visited HOLY ROLLER you are helping to spread the word about this significant piece of our Canadian and World history. As one of only two such tanks in the entire world to have landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day and survived all the way through to the end of WWII, HOLY ROLLER is Our Surviving Veteran, one of the last to have seen the horrors of the world at war, and a reminder that we need to remain ever vigilant to stand on guard against the horrors of World War.

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