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The HOLY ROLLER heritage conservation project will preserve the HOLY ROLLER Sherman Tank memorial located at Victoria Park, one of only two such tanks remaining in Canada that survived the D-Day campaign -- a large-scale military event considered to be the turning point in the resistance against the Nazis.


This World War II hero tells the story of many London and area men and women who sacrificed a great deal during World War II so we can enjoy the rights, freedoms and standard of living we have today in Canada.


The 1st Hussars Cavalry Fund is looking to raise $250,000 to save the HOLY ROLLER. We ask that you donate to preserve the Holy Roller's legacy and help us honour our fallen while also serving our living heroes. Your contribution will help ensure that their sacrifices are remembered and that a vital part of local and Canadian history is protected for future generations to come.



In 2021 HOLY ROLLER will be removed from its pad in victoria park, where it has rested since 1956 and taken to a workshop. In the workshop, it will be disassembled, with parts and metal repaired or replaced as required.

These photos of the interior of HOLY ROLLER were taken during the 2017 technical inspection of the memorial. D-Day to VE-Day, HOLY ROLLER fought 336 days to preserve the freedom that we enjoy today. We ask that you donate to help preserve HOLY ROLLER, Our Surviving Veteran, to keep alive the memory of those that served, for future generations.


The move from the Park to Fanshawe College on June 8

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