HOLY ROLLER Memorial Project

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Thank you for your interest in the HOLY ROLLER Memorial Project. The aim of the project is to preserve HOLY ROLLER so it may remain a memorial and monument to the members of the 1st Hussars who served and sacrificed during World War Two. The preservation team has created a work timeline with specific goals or milestones to be met. There will be a division of skilled and unskilled work that is required during this process, but all aspects of work on HOLY ROLLER are important. Would you like to help but perhaps tools aren’t your strong point. We will be cataloguing all of the parts so computer skills and a strong sense of organization is also helpful. The possible work areas have limited space, so the total number of people we can have working at any one time will be limited. That number has not yet been determined. We will be vetting each “application” and the successful individuals will be contacted. The following information is the minimum required for all people taking part in the project.



There is an expected commitment of 8-10 hours a month for work on the vehicle. If we have a large group of volunteers there may be more than one work period created. In either event, a time table and work schedule will be developed and posted so you know (for a majority of the project) what your focus will be on. It is understood as volunteers life happens, which may from time to time make you unavailable. But the importance of the project and the tight timelines placed on its completion makes your commitment very important to its success. You will be required to come with the following personal equipment: 1.safety boots 2.safety glasses 3.work gloves 4.coveralls preferred, work clothing*Do not purchase any of the above items until you have been contacted.*There will also be a volunteer waiver you will be required to sign to be allowed to work on the project. You will be required to attend all project and facility safety briefings, depending on the location(s) of where the preservation work will take place. During work periods only authorized personnel will be allowed to work on/in/around the vehicle and only authorized visitors with a guide will be allowed.
There will be an administrative/operational team structure to ensure the designation of work, supplies, etc., this will be explained and personnel introduced at the initial meeting. If you are interested in participating in this important project please fill in the information below and submit through the website or to HOLYROLLERPRESERVATION@gmail.com.

Are you able to commit to 8-10 hours/month for approximately 1 year?

What skill set can you bring to the project?*

What heavy tools have you worked with before and last time you worked with them (some tools we are looking at using are: angle grinders, chain falls, overhead hoists, bottle jacks, hydraulic press, air compressor, impact guns/sockets):

Why do you want to work on this project?*

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