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England 1942 Part 4

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

August saw yet another move, this time to Hove near Brighton where the 1st Hussars became part of the English South Coast defences and experienced the first of many air raids. It was here the regiment suffered its first casualty from enemy action. Trooper R.M. McArthur was slightly wounded when the fuel truck he was driving was riddled with machine-gun fire from a German fighter. Fortunately, his cargo was not hit and happily he survived the entire war. As might be expected aircraft recognition training and anti-aircraft gunnery figured prominently in the training syllabus. Once again, the conditions were quite different from the dull dreariness of Aldershot. The Regiment was billeted quit comfortably within the city itself. Hove was a seaside resort with all of the attendant amenities. Partially evacuated with some areas banned to civilians, the proprietors of the local pubs, cinemas, and dance-halls welcomed the arrival of the Hussars and their money. Indeed, there were so many Canadians stationed in the area that it became known as “Little Canada” For their part the Hussars took to the situation Like “Ducks to water

While stationed in Hove two squadrons would commute to the nearby South Downs where they practised basic vehicle handling and troop level tank drills and tactics. Again, in true English style the Downs were actually Ups being quite hilly. While on the Downs the men lived under field conditions. The third squadron remained in Hove and manned anti-aircraft and observer positions while also maintaining a 24-hour squad for firefighting and rescue work.

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