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Auxiliary Services

Often overlooked but important to the men’s morale were the Auxiliary Services. Provided by various National volunteer organizations such as the Legion, YMCA, Salvation Army, and Knights of Columbus the objective of these organizations was to see to the physical well being of the soldiers. Auxiliary Services “Supervisors” were assigned to units overseas. While having no specific rank they wore uniforms with appropriate insignia and received pay equivalent to that of a Captain. Auxiliary Services Supervisors contributed in many ways to the comfort and entertainment of the soldiers in the units that they were assigned to. Over 300 Auxiliary Services Supervisors and a similar number of civilian helpers served the forces during the war. The services provided included, but were not limited to, “organizing sports and dances, providing movies and concerts, reading, writing, and recreation rooms, libraries, mobile canteens, and tea vans. In addition they established leave hostels and information bureaus for troops on leave”.

In April 1942 during a Royal visit to the Regiment the Importance of the Auxiliary Services was recognized when our Supervisor Mr. E. Mackenzie (YMCA) was presented to the Queen and provided displays showing the various services provided. Throughout the war including as we battled our way across Europe our Auxiliary Services Supervisor worked tirelessly on behalf of the officers and men of the Regiment often being mentioned in the War Diary.

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